How do I say NO to holiday drinking?


Holidays…It’s like music to ears, but are they actually good for us? A holiday is an excuse to abuse drinking. Holidays are not supposed to be enjoyed by drinking. There are several activities to enjoy vacation and alcohol intake is certainly not one of them. Alcohol could easily become addiction if not taken care. Following are the reasons for the addiction of alcohol:

  • Stressful environment: When one feels that atmosphere around him/her is not healthy and they do not feel loved, they start drinking. The pressure of behaving in a certain way, acting in a certain way during vacations leads to alcoholism But alcohol is not the solution, talking is.Talking to someone who is patient enough to understand you, will help you out overcome it.
  • Depression: Social life also complicated. A race to be in the competition is necessary and many times losing it causes depression.Things we bottle up and cannot share with others of lack of listening ears could lead to alcoholism. That happens because it temporarily helps you forget your problems. It is not helpful; instead, this stops progress of your life.
  • Peer pressure: Sitting with group of friends and all forcing you to intake alcohol in one way or other is very common. Do not hesitate to say NO even if they consider you a loser. Looser is not the one who doesn’t drink, instead he is the one who know what is good for him and what is not.
  • Family history: People with family history of alcohol should be very careful because that could easily get you.Try healthy drinks instead of alcohol because that will work towards building a healthy you. Also, the member who is addicted, give them health drink too.When some offers drinks, deny the offer politely or show dislike towards alcoholism. This kind of addiction starts with holiday stressing only. When you find yourself free, instead of choosing option of alcohol, indulge yourself in some constructive activity. Enhance you hobbies or join NGO. Holidays are there to make you happy not to destroy your life.

    If all these things do not work out then come to Claudia Black Young Adult – Treatment for Alcohol Addiction and say learn perfectly to say NO to alcohol addiction.

    Don’t choose alcohol, Choose life.

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