5 Reasons why one should not have Alcohol Addiction

Treatment for Alcohol AddictionAlcohol has its origin from an Arabic term al-ḡawl which means bad influence or evil result for a headache. Alcohol has bad influence if its intake is in a higher amount. Any addiction is harmful to health but alcohol addiction leads to another addiction of drug or smoking or sex addiction. Too much intake of alcohol is not advisable and there are many reasons for you not to have alcohol but below mentioned are few of them.

  1. According to one research, every year in the U.S., 5K people under the age of 21 dies from an alcohol-related incident such as car crashes, alcohol poisoning or other related injuries.

  2. One bottle of champagne contains 90 pounds pressure per inch2, which is 3X the pressure of car tires. The cork of the champagne bottle popped, travels 60 miles per hour which cause serious damage.

  3. Alcohol is a reason for impaired judgment when consumed. It could lead to unintended sexual activity, drinking, and driving, violence or other dangerous behaviors.

  4. Proportionately more alcoholic women die from cirrhosis which means damage to liver than alcoholic men

  5. Alcohol does not relieve depression – it makes it worse so do not think about forgetting problems with the help of alcohol.

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