Why are Females more Vulnerable to Alcohol Addiction than Males?

Alcohol Rehab ArizonaA male’s body and its functioning are different than a female body. So the alcohol addiction and its consequences are different. In this gender-biased society, there are still few things that are a big challenge for women. So, Claudia Black – Arizona’s Alcohol Rehab Arizona brings you the difference in alcohol habits of men and women.

As said, women are more vulnerable to alcohol than men because their immunity is quite lesser than males. They have a more impaired vision as compared to male because alcohol mixes with the blood easily.

The organs of females are a target as they are not immune to alcohol. Women are also sensitive and emotional rather than men which could give alcohol chance to show more of its effect.

There may be a possibility of violence and trauma for women because of alcoholic effects. She is unable to control her emotions as well as actions. In general, women have less body water than men of similar body weight, so that women achieve higher concentrations of alcohol in the blood after drinking equivalent amounts of alcohol.

Women also develop alcohol-induced liver disease over a shorter period of time than men even after consuming less alcohol than men.

These above mentioned are few reasons why females are more vulnerable to men. So, come to Claudia Black young adult center for treatment of any kind of drug addiction. Claudia Black specializes in all kinds of young adult addiction issues for male as well as female. Do not be ashamed to come to us because a female is an important jewel to the family as good as men.

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