Which type of mood swings do drug addicts have?

treatment for alcohol addictionMood swings are very hard to handle especially when you don’t know the reason behind it. Mood swings could be for various reasons, but most dangerous of all is when a person is on drugs. Drugs could give mood swings that are impossible to handle. When this happens a person becomes addictive and then, can be harmful.

So the big question is: which type of mood swings a person is suffering through?

Well, below mentioned are following symptoms, which are caused due to prescription drug abuse.

  1. Weirdness seeps in: A person becomes confused about his surroundings. He doesn’t know what is going on because he is subconscious all the time. The after-effects of drugs makes seem everything weird to him.

  2. Sleeplessness: Drugs could easily affect sleep pattern of a person. It makes a person lazy and a person doing no work will always have difficulty in sleeping.

  3. Messy and unhygienic appearances: When a person has a habit of intake of drugs, he always looks messy. He has no time to clean up well. He won’t like to keep himself good because he doesn’t care about anyone but his drugs.

  4. Depression: When a human becomes a victim of drugs, he fails to perform a basic task. This takes a person deep into depression and makes it difficult to maintain relation with others. He hurts other as well as his own self and later on feels guilty about it.

  5. Cannot memorize: A person with prescribed drug abuse could have a hard time remembering important things. He could also forget to do his daily routine stuff. This could adversely affect his physical, emotional, social and mental self.

  6. Dual or multi-addiction: As it is said one addiction leads to another, prescribed drugs abuse leads to smoking or alcohol consumption. Two addictions at a time are even more dangerous. One addiction damages body and other damages brain.

Thus, it is advised to observe a person’s behavior for 7 days and then provide help. If you feel that you, yourself or someone, have become a victim of these, do not hesitate to seek help from us. We are Claudia Black young Adult centre that provides treatment for drug abuse and alcohol addiction in Arizona. Stay safe.

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